Airport Transportation Options from London Heathrow

When considering London Airport Transportation, the first thing to consider is: how many methods exist to transport you from London Heathrow airport to the city center, or wherever destination you require?Many domestic and world destinations suffer limited or improvised transportation from the airport.  No matter how a traveler wishes to leave London Heathrow, however, the traveler is faced with the opposite dilemma — there are, in fact, far too many London Airport Transportation options.

High Speed Rail: Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect

Two high-speed rail lines service Heathrow.  The fastest is Heathrow Express. It departs directly from Heathrow Central station, accessible from both Terminals 1 and 3 and from a separate station at Terminal 5.  Travelers from Terminal 4 must take a looping Express train connector (which is free) to Heathrow Central and catch the outbound train.  Heathrow Express trains travel directly to Paddington Station with no intermediate stops, every 15 minutes.  Tickets for the Heathrow Express cost 20£ one way and 34£ round-trip.

Heathrow Connect uses the same stations and rails as the Express, but makes intermediate stops along the way to Paddington station, and runs every 30 minutes.  Tickets for the Heathrow Connect cost from 5.60£ to 9.50£ one way and 11.20£ to 19.00£ round-trip.

For travelers headed toward the West End but not all the way to Paddington Station, Heathrow Connect is a very cost-effective and convenient option.   For travelers going to directly the city center, who desire a fast, direct and luxurious rail service, Heathrow Express is the best choice.

The Underground:  The Piccadilly Line

The least expensive London Airport Transportation rail option is the Underground’s Piccadilly Line. Travelers arrive to Piccadilly Line stations directly on the lower levels of terminals 4 and 5, and via underground walkway from Terminals 1 and 3. Stations are served every ten minutes most times of day. The trip takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

Fares start at 3£ depending on zones and time of day. Travelers should consider purchasing a refillable Oyster card, where the airport fare can be combined with further savings on public transit.

Buses and Taxis

For travelers to London Airport Transportation areas outside of London, the cheapest option from the airport is a bus or taxi.  National Express buses alone serves over 500 destinations. Passengers can find buses buses just outside the terminals via clearly marked signs.  Fares are as low as 2.20£ (in correct change) for a local bus to London.  Fares are best purchased in advance, and can sometimes be paid directly to the driver.  There is also a travel center located in the area of Heathrow Central station.

Taxis and minicabs pick up passengers in designated stands just outside all terminal exits. Traditional “black cabs” will cost between 45£ and 85£ depending on traffic conditions and time of day.Chauffeur Service

The most luxurious London Airport Transportation option is a private-hire chauffeur service, which combines the speed and convenience of rail travel with the destination flexibility of a coach bus.  There are numerous Chauffeur Services available that are authorized by the airport to pick up and drop off passengers nearly anywhere in England, including direct service to cruise ports.  Prices vary but it is important to remember that cheaper is not always better.  This is a great option for business travelers and other people who don’t want the hassle of other transportation options.   Schedule this service in advance and a chauffeur will be waiting for you when you land.Clearly, London Airport Transportation services abound.  London Heathrow Airport is the world’s second-busiest airport by passenger volume.  As a result, travelers should balance cost with their convenience and comfort to arrive at their desired option.