Health, Safety & Disinfecting Guidelines

Your Safety Is Our Priority

This page is being updated as procedures and guidelines change based on recommendations from health officials.

In Vehicle Amenities

  • Hand Sanitizer Bottles offered to guests

  • Bottled water no longer placed in the rear seat of the vehicle but will be offered upon entering the vehicle

  • Shared reading material such as magazines and newspapers are no longer offered in order to mitigate risk of contamination and common touch points

  • In the event a guest needs a mask, surgical mask will be available upon advanced request

Chauffeur Interaction

  • Chauffeurs are required to wear face masks

  • Chauffeurs Temperatures are check at the start of each shift

  • Chauffeurs are keeping 6-foot social distance whenever possible and will avoid shaking hands with guests.

  • Luggage assistance is still available, but chauffeur will avoid directly taking luggage from passenger when assistance is needed.

  • Chauffeurs have Nitrile gloves available to use upon request or at their preference.

  • Will discourage he use of the front passenger seat to accommodate physical distancing.

  • Chauffeurs will wash and sanitize hands throughout the day

  • Chauffeurs are screened before starting their shift based on CDC and department of health recommendations.

Fleet Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Chauffeurs are to wipe down all vehicle touch points with disinfectant spray before and after each trip.

  • Vehicle air filtration systems are being disinfected at garage with fogger disinfectant

  • UV Light Sanitization being used daily at beginning and end of chauffeurs shift to disinfect shared items such as keys, iPad, etc.

  • Vehicles are periodically disinfected overnight with Ozone machine

  • In the event of a possible case of COVID-19 in one of our vehicles, the vehicle will be removed from service for a minimum of 48 hours (twice the amount of time recommend by the CDC) and thoroughly sanitized before re-entering service.

If you have any questions regarding our service or cleaning policies feel free to reach us as 248-549-8800.