Chauffeur Detroit

ALLSTAR Chauffeurs

Only the most professional and trustworthy applicants get to call themselves ALLSTAR Chauffeurs.

Chauffeurs go through an extensive Federal and State background check when hired.
All ALLSTAR chauffeurs are drug tested prior to employment and are subject to ongoing random drug and alcohol tests.
All of our chauffeurs go through an extensive training program before serving. We also provide recurring service training.
  • In house classroom training
  • Smith System Training for Defensive Driving
  • Chauffeur Manager Ride Along
All ALLSTAR Chauffeurs wear a clean black suit, pressed white shirt, black tie, and polished black shoes.

Chauffeur Service Standards

  • Arrive on-site 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup
  • Have cold bottled water available for all guests
  • Open the door and assist passengers in and out of the vehicle.
  • Preplan the best route to efficiently get the passenger to the destination.
  • Ensure the vehicle is clean and well prepared for the passengers arrival