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Top Benefits of Using a Limo Service for the Corporate Traveler

Do you need a reliable, luxurious means of transportation to get you from meetings to the office? Here are the top benefits of using a corporate limo service.

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Do you use a limo service for your business? If not, have you ever considered doing so? Limo service can offer some real benefits to your company or organization.

Business people today have very busy schedules, especially when traveling. Not only do they have to get to and from their point of origin, they often have errands or meetings in multiple different locations.

In this article, we’ll explain how hiring a limousine service can help your business with its travel needs, whether traveling employees or corporate guests.

What Is Limousine Service?

Traditionally, a limousine has been a large luxurious often chauffeur-driven sedan that usually has a glass partition separating the driver’s seat from the passenger compartment.

While the image you, like most people, might have in your mind of a limousine is a long black sedan with tinted windows, there are many different car models, often high-end luxury models. comprising limo fleets.

Corporate limo service can operate nationally (or internationally) or at a strictly local level. A place with high demand for car service, New York City or Las Vegas, for example, might have a combination of the two.

Air or Train Travel

Most national and international corporate travel is by air these days, although those traveling shorter distances, especially on the Eastern Seaboard, often travel by train.

In either case, transportation is needed going from the arrival point to either the place of business or a hotel, depending on the time of arrival and length of the stay. What better mode of transportation for this than limo service?

Unlike airport shuttles, a corporate limousine will take you directly to your destination without the hassle of dropping off other passengers at multiple points along the away–and taking a circuitous route to do it.

And unlike taxis or Uber and Lyft, the corporate limousine offers professional driving and a comfortable ride. Public transit is simply out of the question for busy corporate travelers.

For Employees

Many corporate employees have routine travel as part of their jobs, anyone who has traveled even a little for work knows how tiring work travel can be. Not only is the travel itself demanding, but you are at work most of the time you’re away.

So, it only makes sense to ease the journey as much as possible by hiring a limousine. No need to wait in line at the taxi queue or, worse, flag down the only taxi in sight. Your assigned limo will be ready and waiting to pick you up.

Plus, the limo will be both clean and quiet, unlike taxis. And you won’t feel compelled to talk with the driver when you’re just too tired. And no worries: the professionally trained limo driver will get you exactly where you need to go.

For Corporate Guests

Corporate guests deserve at least the same level of treatment as employees. After all, you probably want to make the best possible impression on them and the companies (or other entities, such as government offices) they represent.

The guests might need help getting around while visiting. And if they’re new to your location, perhaps you could add in an extra sightseeing excursion, if they’re able and amenable, as a further gesture of hospitality?

Benefits of Hiring Airport or Train Station Limo Service

First, if you’re in a large city, you would rather not drive your own car to either of these places. If you’re the traveler, longer-term parking costs are horrendous at airports and might not even be available at train stations.

And if you’re being driven or picked up by a friend or family member, you and that person will lose time either waiting in stalled traffic or driving in circles hunting for a pick-up or drop-off space.

And here’s a surprising benefit to airport limo service: if you have a lengthy layover, it might be possible to hire a local limo from the company you use to visit some local sites. This a benefit of using one car service worldwide.

Regional Travel

With all the congestion at airports, delayed or canceled flights, long security lines, and other problems, for travel lasting five hours or less, travelers often go by train or regional bus.

But why go to even this amount of trouble when hiring limousine service is an option? Not only can this service get you from one city to another, but it can also take you directly from your point of departure to your specific destination.

Remember, a train trip from Washington D.C. can be expected to stop in at least three other destinations on the way to New York City. Not with a limo, though.

Employee Travel

Since local employees often live in the suburbs, their homes might lie between their workplace and the destination.

Having a limousine meet them at their door in the morning and drop them back off there at the end of the day both saves mileage and traffic and makes for a more pleasant experience overall.

Corporate Guests from Nearby Locations

All of this goes for corporate guests as well, if they live in your region. And, as with long-distance travel, they will appreciate the added convenience a limo adds.

Corporate Retreats

Does your company or organization ever have multi-day retreats? Is there a nice resort and conference center in the region–someplace where you and your coworkers can relax while planning and strategizing?

Hiring limousine service can get everyone there and back without needing to drive. It might even be possible to have a few suburban pick-up and drop-off points. Providing transportation is also a good way to keep people on-site and engaged.

Local Transportation

There are many uses for corporate limousine service right in the city where you work and/or live, especially if it’s a very congested urban area.

As an employee, you will save valuable time, and your employer will benefit from your using your time for something other than sitting behind the wheel stuck in traffic.

Employee Errands

One example is if you need to go on a work-related errand, perhaps to hand-deliver some highly confidential papers.

Your employer might even prefer you take a limo for an important personal appointment, during the day rather than delay your return to work even longer by parking and driving through traffic.

You can be back to work in very little time since the limo can wait for you and pick you up when you’re ready.

Cross-Town Meetings

When there is a meeting across town, how much sense does it make for your employees to drive there themselves, taking up time they don’t need to for parking, navigating traffic, etc.?

And if more than one employee is attending, they can ride together. Up to four employees can share a limo and discuss work on the way to the meeting. Again, door-to-door pick-up and drop-off save time for everyone.

Rush Transportation for Executives

What if you’re a busy high-level executive needing to either get to a meeting or get from one meeting to another within a tight time frame? Or what if you’re delayed getting to the office due to unexpected circumstances at home?

As much as employees in general feel rushed these days, the higher up the executive, the more additional responsibility that individual carries.

Corporate Celebrations

What if your company or organization springs for a big, lavish celebration for some occasion? Something where people are likely to drink a lot and get a bit boisterous? Do you really want them driving themselves home afterward?

No, we didn’t think so. Instead, why not consider hiring limousine service for the event–or even a party bus? That way, you can ensure the safety of your employees and others sharing the road with them.

Why Use Corporate Limousine Service?

Now, it’s time to talk about some of the advantages of limo service for any type of transportation need. It is indeed a very nice ride!

More Direct

There is little question that, in just about any place, a limo will be the most expeditious mode of transit. For one thing, limo drivers go through an extensive training regimen when they start working for a company. They are skilled drivers!

Drivers are also expected to be very familiar with the territory they cover. Of course, they become even more familiar with each ride. It doesn’t take long before they can navigate entire cities and their surrounding suburbs.

In other words, wherever you might happen to be traveling, the appropriate driver will be selected and will ensure your safe and streamlined arrival at your destination.

Parking Issues

Many of what you might call “limo destinations” (airports, expensive neighborhoods, high-end restaurants, etc.) have designated limousine parking available. So it’s easy to know where the limo you ordered will be waiting for you.

Not only do you not need to find a parking place by taking a limo instead of driving, but you’re also pretty much guaranteed the limo driver will be able to find a space.

Area Knowledge

do you know that sense of dread you can get when pulling out of the airport terminal in an unfamiliar city in an unfamiliar rental car? You’re thinking, “Where are the #### lights in this thing?” just as you’re about to exit to…

You’re thinking, where am  I anyway, and how do I get to that hotel they booked for me?” You didn’t look for the lights before leaving the rental spot, much less figure out how the GPS works. And now you have five lanes of traffic bearing down.

What if you were in a corporate limousine, about to doze off as the driver whisks you out of the airport, onto the highway, and straight to the door of your downtown hotel? Ahh… that’s more like it.

More Prestigious

And being in a limo is a pretty special experience, especially for people who don’t do it all that much. The car just looks impressive, with its distinctive color and uniformed driver.

When you arrive someplace in a limousine, you don’t just show up–you make an appearance. How can this not help build your reputation?

Spacious, Accommodating, Amenities

If you’ve ever been inside a limo, you know that, in many ways, it’s more like sitting in a luxury hotel room than riding in a car. The seats are quite comfortable and offer lots of legroom.

There usually is an excellent sound system if you want to listen to some tunes (or impress your guests by doing so). If it’s quiet, though, it’s extremely quiet (especially for being in the middle of city traffic). so you can work effectively.

Some have televisions and even bars to keep you and your guests entertained. And limos with wrap-around seating make for great party conversation.

Needless to say, in today’s competitive world, you never know what new amenities will come along next for the limousine industry. One thing is for sure: you’ll have an enjoyable ride!

It’s Pick-Up Time… And There’s the Limo Now

People talk about the concept of “shared rides” in a variety of contexts. Some relate to sustainability, some to overcrowded streets and highways, and some to saving travel costs.

Some employers are even considering offering shuttle service to help their employees get to work on time, ready to start their workdays relatively unstressed and in good spirits. Doesn’t this sound like a great idea?

Not only would a shuttle (or maybe a shared limo for smaller groups) help with camaraderie and team-building in the workplace, it would help build interpersonal connections in other ways.

You don’t get that when everyone just leaves separately at the end of the day. Besides, it prevents “workaholic” employees from burn-out due to too many late nights in the office.

Whether or not this radical new idea would work for your company or organization, it does point to yet another way corporate limousine services might be able to help meet your needs.

We’ve already told you how helpful limo service can be for long-distance and regional travel, cross-town meetings and errands and even corporate retreats. And we’ve reminded you what a comfortable way limo service is to get places.

If you’re a business owner or executive, or someone who arranges travel for employees, why not give us a call and see what all we can do to help? We’d love to hear from you!