The market value of taxi and limo business in the U.S is $8 billion.

Limos are popular for their class and elegance services. From weddings to graduations, people in Detroit use the limo services for all events which need a touch of luxury.

The high demand for limousines has increased the number of limo service providers. If you have an upcoming trip and need to book a limo service in Detroit, ask these seven questions first.

The right limo service provider will answer the questions well to help you make an informed decision.

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1. What Is the Hiring Cost?

Price is a vital factor for any means of transport. It determines whether you will go ahead with the booking or drop it for a cheaper service.

Ideally, the limo service fees depend on many factors. It depends on the type of company, the limo, the distance, and the special packages.

The best limo service provider should give you a clear price quote of the expected price for your distance. They should also break down the costs for you to know what you will be paying for.

To avoid overspending, create a budget of how much you would like to spend on the trip or event. After that, compare different limo providers and choose the fittest for your budget.

Avoid the limo service provider who does not give you the right price estimates for the trip.  A good company will work with you to find the right vehicle or option to fit your budget.

2. Are They Insured?

The law requires all limousines in Detroit, Michigan, to be insured. The insurance provides a guarantee that the limo service is recognized, registered, and authorized to carry passengers.

It also assures that you will get compensation for any injuries or losses you incur. Most importantly, it provides proof that you are working with a legit limo provider.

For your safety, verify the insurance of the provider. You can do this by sending the registration number of the limo to the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles.

Stay away for the uninsured service providers, because they might be illegitimate.

3. What Services Do They Offer?

Each limo firm in Detroit offers unique services. This question would, therefore, help you know if you if the firm offers what you need.

Most limos offer transportation services to weddings, to graduations, business meetings, and personal events. Others only specialize in driving people to and from the airport.

If you are going to a wedding, don’t assume that the limo will take you. Ask about the limo service coverage and find more details about the trip.

Also, find out the social services that the limo management provides. Some firms may offer free beverages, free entrainment, free snacks, WiFi, and so on. However, some brands may still charge a hidden fee for these extra services.

For your convenience, understand the exact services package that you are entitled to upon hiring the limousine. In this way, you will avoid the last-minute spending or frustration.

4. What Are the Safety Rules?

Never gamble for your safety when hiring a limo service. Find out the exact safety measures that the limo offers to those on board.

For long, limousines have maintained a good history of observing safety for their passengers. Unlike other cars, limos rarely get accidents.

However, that should not be a good reason to relax and avoid the safety concern question. Besides insurance, the chauffeurs should be trained in safety.

They should also drive the limo within the right speed limit. Book the limo, which you feel can guarantee you maximum safety.  Ask about the vehicles age and safety training the company does with their chauffeurs.

5. Are the Chauffeurs Trained?

Your safety and comfortability in the limo partially depend on the chauffeur. As such, the chauffeurs should be trained and experienced. They should know how to drive and handle the passengers as well.

But how do you confirm if the chauffeur is trained? First, consider their driving license. The license should be at minimum a valid chauffeurs license and some larger vehicles may require a CDL license. Secondly, consider their familiarity with the location. A trained chauffeur will be familiar with most of the areas in Detroit.

Lastly, check out their communication skills and friendliness. A trained and professional chauffeur will talk to you ethically and professionally. They will also be honest and transparent during your conversations.

6. What Fleet Do They Offer?

Luxury is the primary reason why you are seeking limo services. You should find the level of luxury you can expect from your limo provider through the fleets.

Limo service providers in Detroit do not offer the same types of fleet. You might find some offering the styling sedans only, others Iced limos, Stretch SUVs, etc. A few firms might also offer the fully stocked minibars with a higher capacity of many passengers.

Of course, the fleets’ price tags vary depending on the number of passengers and the comfort level offered. Some fleets are best for weddings and fun events and might not be the best for business events.  Ask how old their fleet is and if the vehicles are properly maintained. Choose the right car for your event wisely.

7. Will You Sign a Contract?

Most limo companies will provide a written confirmation or require their clients to sign a contract before the trip. The confirmation highlights the primary terms and conditions for the trip.

Also, the contract shows the chauffer’s responsibilities, and when they might be held liable. Similarly, the contract shows the roles and responsibilities of the passenger.

If there is a contract, go through it carefully before you agree to it. The right limo traveling contract will protect your rights and outline the correct measures to take in case of an accident.

The contract will also outline the details of the trip with pricing and stop locations.

Enjoy Your Limo Service in Detroit

Choose wisely and you will enjoy your limo service in Detroit. Ask the right questions too, and conduct a background research on the firm. If possible, consider the reviews and references of the limo service provider before booking.

The best company will be reputable with many positive reviews from past clients. The firm will also have a professional team of experienced chauffeurs who know how to handle clients.

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