1. Designated Driver
Weddings are celebrations and everyone in the wedding party wants to celebrate. A wedding party bus takes pressure off of one or two guests, family members or friends tagged as the event designated driver. The party bus driver gets that task instead.

2. Comfort
A wedding party bus has a big advantage over other transportation options as it allows guests to get on and off easily.  This is expecially important for the bride and her bridesmaids in their wedding dresses.  Once inside the party bus it is also easy to stand up and move around the vehicle.  The vehicles are also large enough that there is room for all of the extras that may be needed for the day.

3. Arrive On Time
No one wants to arrive to a wedding late, least of all the bride, groom or anyone in the wedding party. A party bus booked through a quality company can help facilitate an on time, stress free arrival.

Wedding Party Bus Detroit

4. Arrive Together
A wedding bus will also get the entire wedding party to an event together. For the ceremony, this has distinct advantages because it allows the ceremony to begin on time or for an easier time taking photographs. For an event like a rehearsal dinner, arriving together means no one misses out on any of the festivities.

5. No Directions Needed
A wedding party bus can provide a huge benefit for out of town guests who might otherwise get lost or spend unnecessary time and energy with directions, using GPS or even getting lost. With everyone on the bus, the experienced, local driver plots the route getting everyone to the destination.

6. Make it Fun
Weddings and the many events surrounding a wedding are meant to be enjoyed. Driving, coordinating arrival times, carpooling — these are not fun activities. Hanging out together on a party bus and enjoying the moment, though, is fun.

7. Thanks the Guests
Wedding guests often make sacrifices to attend weddings. They use personal vacation time, expend their own resources, and travel to places they might rather not visit. A wedding party bus provides a fun and unique experience for guests, sort of as a thank you for their efforts to attend the wedding.

8. Safe Travels
Car accidents happen, even when celebrating a wedding. Using a party bus can help decrease the risk of an accident because fewer people will travel in a car during the wedding. Instead, a reputable driver with a clean driving record can chauffeur and keep everyone safe and secure.

9. Shuttle Transportation
Many wedding venues only allow the couple to book the space for a specific amount of time. Afterwards, though, guests may want the party to continue at a nearby hotel, bar or restaurant. A wedding party bus can act as a shuttle for guests, going between the reception and the after-party venue to keep the party going.

10. Look Your Best
Taxi cabs, personal cars and limousines all share one thing in common. Passengers have to sit down. A party bus has plenty of room to stand and get situated to ensure everyone arrives at the wedding looking their best rather than feeling wrinkled and mussed.

A wedding party bus can improve the experience of a wedding in so many ways. From simply getting to the ceremony on time to having a lot of fun on the way to the rehearsal dinner, a party bus enhances every aspect of a wedding celebration.