Limousines represent elegance, sophistication, and comfort. Any limo that drives by causes heads to turn, while those inside get to live a luxurious dream. But if you’re lucky enough to need to hire a limousine, deciding between the different types can be a challenging decision. The type of limo you would take to pick up a client at the airport is certainly different than that you would use for a fun night out. For that reason, it’s important to understand the differences between the types of limos. So what are the different options? Keep reading for a complete breakdown of some of the different limo styles available.

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Executive Sedans

These luxury vehicles are a more affordable option great for casual transportation. They seat up to 4 passengers and are often used for business. Use them to pick an important client up at the airport, or to take a client out to an expensive lunch. Although modest when compared to other limousine options, they still contain vanity mirrors, reading lamps, and a variety of other amenities that will certainly come in handy. Black exteriors and tinted windows ensure that you’ll make an impression wherever your destination is. Check out the executive sedan fleet available at Allstar Chauffeured Services.

Luxury Passenger Van

A luxury passenger van allows a group of people to travel in ultimate style. Black exteriors and tinted windows again provide a professional and sophisticated look, while ample room allows around 11 people and their luggage to fit comfortably. Luxury passenger vans are suitable for a variety of different situations. Are you on vacation and want to go on a sight-seeing tour? A luxury passenger van is a perfect choice. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a spacious and comfortable vehicle to drive you and your friends around for a night out on the town. It’ll be perfect for that, too.

The Classic Stretch Limo

The classic stretch limo is a timeless vehicle that is suitable for a variety of different functions and events. Among the younger generations, it is often used to take high schoolers to prom. Those lucky enough to ride in it get perhaps their first taste of real luxury. This limo is also used for business functions, whether meeting clients or signing a deal. Newlyweds and wedding parties also enjoy popping bottles of champagne in its plush leather seats. Many modern stretch limos also have USB ports, LCD screens, and well-equipped bars. Wherever you need to go, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy top-quality amenities. As the classic stretch limo prioritizes both style and comfort, it is suitable for many different situations.

Stretch SUV

A stretch SUV is similar to a stretch limo, but it has a different feeling. While stretch limos represent sophistication and elegance, stretch SUVs throw in a modern sense of fun. Like stretch limousines, stretch SUVs also come equipped with all the amenities you would expect. Climate control, an excellent sound system, and LCD screens are standard. But as they are more commonly used for parties, many also have strobe lights and lasers, a bar, and sub-woofers hooked up. They are also sometimes able to seat more people. Imagine the bachelor or bachelorette party you could have in a vehicle that encourages dancing, singing, and having a great time!

Party Bus

A party or limo bus is the ultimate way to throw a party on the road. They are guaranteed to be comfortable and spacious and are capable of seating dozens of people. As they are meant to be partied in, party buses often contain amenities such as leisure sofas, smoke machines, drinking zones, and poles. Some larger ones even have functioning restrooms, letting you never have to step foot out of the car (if you don’t want to). Limo buses can be used for birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, college, or any other event that requires a fun and upbeat atmosphere. Forget bar-hopping, bring the bar with you wherever you go!

Vintage Limo

In some cases, you’ll want to take class and sophistication to the next level. In those instances, consider hiring a vintage limousine. If you haven’t heard of a Rolls Royce Phantom or a Duesenberg, picture “The Great Gatsby”. But instead of watching it on the big screen, you’ll be the star sitting in the back seat. While a vintage limo will certainly not be cheap, it will leave an impression on everyone who sees it that will be hard to forget. If you’re interested in learning more about the original limousines, check out this article by Luxury Coach & Transportation Magazine.

Convertible Limousine

Take a second to imagine the two coolest car types you can think of. Did a convertible and a limousine come to mind? Now, imagine combining them together! Convertible limousines are a thing, and are an excellent choice to ride around in to enjoy the fresh air. Weather permitting, you’ll be able to enjoy the warm sun and breeze, while also enjoying the typical luxury of a limousine that you would expect. Similarly to a regular convertible, convertible limousines also have the option to close the roof. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans, you’ll still have a great time. Maybach designed an impressive convertible limo, capable of reaching 60 mph in under 5 seconds. If you’re interested, it can be yours for $1.35 million!

Different Types of Limos for Different Situations

Regardless of where you’ll be going, hiring a limousine will bring you a sense of style and luxury. Allstar Chauffeured Services offers many different types of limos capable of catering to a variety of functions. If you’re in the Detroit, Michigan area and are looking for a reputable limo transportation service, contact us today to book your trip. We’ll get you wherever you need to go comfortably, safely, and in style