Believe it or not, but limos are no longer just for the rich and famous. Limos are a reliable choice for your airport transportation.

Save time and money by hiring a limo service for your Detroit airport transportation needs. Avoid traveling by bus, taxi, or car rental! Limos are more convenient, flexible, and reliable.

Your professional driver will meet any of your needs and make your journey both comfortable and quick. Relax in the back of a spacious limo sipping on ice-cold water, or perhaps, some champagne.

Whether you are headed downtown or to the airport, here are six reasons why limos are the most convenient Detroit airport transportation:

Detroit airport transportation

1. Qualified & Professional

Professionals will make not only your transportation journey a comfortable one but also a quick on. Qualified drivers know the area, the routes, and the best way to avoid traffic on your way to the Detroit metro airport.

Sit back and relax, knowing your journey will be safe and quick.

Convenience is not just about speed; it is also about professionalism. Avoid taxi drivers taking a long way around to bump up the fare. Professional limo drivers will get you to your airport destination on time and without those extra fees.

Experienced drivers are sure to make your ride a comfortable one. Request anything you might need, and it will be waiting for you in the limo!

Drivers are reliable and trained to handle you safely under any circumstance.

2. Upfront Pricing

When you book transportation to or from the Detroit metro airport, you will know the cost upfront.

Pay in cash or a credit card; you will not have to worry about extra fees! You have the option to pay beforehand or after your ride.

Fare costs depend on time or distance traveled—no need to worry if you need to make an extra stop or run into unexpected traffic. Drivers can accommodate any of your requests.

Limousine companies often offer a “get a quote” service on their website. Fare quotes can help you determine the cost of your transportation fare. The quote will include cost information and car availability, car features, package options, and current promotions.

3. Comfortable and Spacious

Your transportation to and from the Detroit metro airport does not have to be in a cramped taxi.

Limos are large and spacious vehicles with room to accommodate even the largest luggage or cargo. Car seats will not be a problem in a limo; there is a lot of space available for your family.

Enjoy stretching your legs on the way to the airport! There is sure to be enough room for you and all your luggage.

You can rely on limos to always be a spacious and comfortable transportation option from the Detroit metro airport.

4. Car Variety

You might not know that there are many limo options available to you. Spanning from a single passenger to many passengers, the company will have something perfect for your transportation needs.

There are standard limos, Hummer limos, Sprinter limos, Luxury Coach, Mini coach, and Motor coach options.

The transportation world is your oyster. The limo company is sure to offer options for a single traveler or up to 58 passengers.

Check the transportation company’s website to see what vehicles they offer. When you get a quote for your fare, be sure to check which cars are available for your ride to the Detroit metro airport.

5. Stopovers

Make the most of your ride. Choosing a limo service for your Detroit airport transportation will allow you to customize your ride.

Make a stop at any time, for any reason. Drivers are trained to work with you and around your schedule.

If you need to pick up a friend along the way, no problem. Stop for a coffee, lunch, a meeting, or anything else you might need to do on the way.

Drivers know the Detroit metro area well and easily navigate your desired locations quickly and still get you to your final destination on time. This will ensure you make the most of your journey to or from the Detroit airport.

6. No-Fuss

Avoid the stress of calling a last-minute taxi or car share. You can be sure your limo will arrive ahead of time and get you to or from the airport safely and quickly.

Your limo will meet you outside your pickup point and take you to the Detroit airport on time for your air travel.

If you need transportation from Detroit downtown or to the suburbs, you can expect your limo driver to be waiting for you in the arrivals hall. Your driver will be professional and help you carry any baggage or cargo to the car for you.

Make your journey as stress-free as possible with a limo transportation service that can meet your every need.

The Best of Detroit Airport Transportation

Now you know why taking a limo is convenient and comfortable. Tailor your transportation to or from Detroit airport to your needs. Your driver will be sure to meet your needs and provide a comfortable environment for you to relax on your journey.

Are you looking for a great transportation option to get to and from the Detroit metro airport? Always ensure to look at previous customer reviews to find the most reliable service. Be sure to learn about pricing, vehicle options, and trusted local companies.

To learn more about Detroit airport transportation or book a limo for your next trip, visit All Star VIP!