All chauffeurs are drivers, but are all driver’s chauffeurs?

This is a question companies planning or attending corporate events should ask themselves. Small hiccups like the wrong turn, traffic jam, or a flat battery can derail even the best-laid plans.

In business, you cannot sit and wait for deals to come to you. You need to get out there, meet up with people, or bring clients into your office. Thus, it’s important always to have someone who can drive you around or pick up your clients.

That’s when you need the services of a chauffeur.

A busy schedule can collapse in a fraction of a second when a booked taxi does not turn up. That’s why hiring a chauffeur is better.

The difference is in the service. When you need customized first-class service, reliable and trustworthy drivers who can drive you around and get you to your business meetings, hire a professional chauffeur.

Below we have outlined five reasons why hiring a corporate chauffeur service is vital for business.

a chauffeur car service

1. Services Provided by Chauffeurs

A driver’s role is to operate the vehicle that gets you from one place to another. A chauffeur is more than the person that gets you from one place to the next. A chauffeur is a trained professional who drives you in an elegant, safe, and sophisticated manner.

Chauffeurs offer service to their clients. They are trained in customer service, traffic patterns, defensive driving, and safety.

They wear a friendly smile, are polite, calm, help their clients with entering and exiting their vehicles, and carry their client’s luggage when needed. Chauffeurs can make your trip from the airport more comfortable and less stressful, giving you ample time and space to plan out your business.

Who wants to arrive at a meeting driven by someone in sneakers and a tracksuit? Chauffeurs are well-groomed in black suits, a white shirt, and black shoes.

Their high-end vehicles are also clean and well maintained. Their working hours are flexible and include weekends, early mornings, late nights, and long extended working hours.

Chauffers tailor their services according to their clients’ needs. They go above and beyond to ensure that that your experience is superior. They will get you coffee when the trip is long and will even suggest they bring you an ice-cream on a hot day.

Professional chauffeur service providers go out of their way to provide the best chauffeurs in the industry. They train them to respect the client’s privacy and time. Therefore, the qualities most desired are discretion, punctuality, and trustworthiness.

2. Lessens the Stress

Hosting or planning corporate events is stressful and time-consuming. You will need to plan and prepare for the guests, the venue, the food, and marketing the event.

Calling a driver at the last minute can add to your stress. Instead, hire a chauffeur beforehand and let him worry about the best routes to take and how to avoid traffic.

By taking your transportation off your shoulder, a corporate event planner will channel their time and energy into finalizing and planning on the other aspects of the event.

Parking is a nightmare, and laws differ from city to city. There are also many frustrated drivers out there. With a chauffeured service, you can sit back and relax while the chauffeur manages the road.

3. Efficiency, Convenience, and Comfortability

Unlike other means of transport, chauffeur services are very convenient. When you pre-book chauffeur services, you distance yourself and your employees from the hustle of waiting for a ride.

limousine rental service not only get to you on time, but they also take you to your destination comfortably and safely. You get to work at your pace, and when done, the chauffeur is there waiting to pick you up.

The chauffeur will wait for your guests at the pick-up location to bring them to your office or event, and when the event is over, he is there to take them back to their offices or hotels without delay. This is the service you cannot expect from a driver.

Other than convenience, a chauffeur will create an environment that is comfortable and friendly to your clients. This will make an excellent impression, help relax your clients and reassure them about doing business with you.

4. Access to Local Insights

Calling an Uber or hailing a taxi is not the most convenient way of getting a ride. This is because it may sometimes take a long time for a cab to get to you. Thus, you risk arriving late for your event.

Having a pre-booked chauffeur will give you, your client, and the team an opportunity to receive local insights from a person conversant with the area. They get to suggest the best routes, best eateries, must-see locations, and local hotspots.

5. You Can Work on the Go

Driving requires that a person concentrates on the road. Yet, hiring a chauffeur eliminates the need. While on the move or stuck in traffic, you can work, send emails, chat, or do business with clients. This increases both you and your company’s effectiveness.

Having moments where you or your guest are comfortable, work, and conduct business at the back of a chauffeured vehicle creates an impression that the guests are important to you. It also says a lot about the company’s efficiency.

Hire a Chauffeur for Your Company or Your Next Corporate Trip

Luxury, professionalism, and style are the differences between a driver and a chauffeur. Hiring a chauffeur elevates your company and gives you value for your time. Hire a chauffeur, and you will notice the tremendous change in the workability, stress levels, and productivity of you, your team members, and the company in general.

If you are in or plan to visit Detroit, plan with us ALLSTAR Chauffeured Services and get value for both your time and money. Contact us, pre-book, and arrive in class and elegance.