Business experts always stress the importance of growing your client list. However, it’s not always clear how you should approach client acquisition in such a competitive economy.

Client acquisition advice tends to rest on where to look for potential clients. You’ll come across heaps of information about making a pitch to a former colleague, people you meet at conferences, and even your own friends.

The question is, what are you supposed to do after you make the pitch? How do you secure business clients who have expressed interest in your business, but haven’t made the final commitment?

Believe it or not, hiring a chauffeur service is one of the simple things that you can do to turn that “maybe” into a “yes.” Read on to find out how offering chauffeur services can add that “wow” factor you need to secure business clients every time.


Nail That First Impression

First impressions can be tricky to come back from and you may not have as much time to make one as you think. You don’t have the entire meeting or even the entire introduction to your business proposal to solidify a first impression. Studies have found that you have, on average, a mere 27 seconds to impress.

Now, potential business clients may have some idea of what to expect from you and your business. Chances are, you’ve already communicated over the phone, via email, or at a conference.

However, when the day comes to meet your potential client in person, it’s sort of like starting fresh. They’re coming to you to find out whether or not you will meet their expectations. By providing a car and a professional driver, you can start off on the right foot and truly impress your potential client.

Don’t Leave Potential Business Clients Waiting

When you look at our variety of chauffeur services, from our airport car service to our corporate limo service, you’ll notice that they’ll have one thing in common: our 100% on-time guarantee.

One of the biggest perks of hiring a chauffeur service, as opposed to a taxi or a driver on a ride-share app, is that you are our number one priority. Our drivers aren’t rushing to drop off other passengers before making their way to the next spot. They’re not itching to get rides over with so that they can see who else needs a ride.

When you hire one of our professional chauffeurs, your transportation needs are all that matter. Our drivers arrive on time, they know their area of operation well and take the fastest routes, and they get their passengers where they’re going as efficiently as possible.

Don’t leave your potential clients waiting for a taxi and antsy to get where they’re going. Provide them with a driver who will be waiting in a designated pick-up spot exactly when your potential client needs them.

Give Your Potential Business Clients a Taste of Luxury

When you hire an Allstar chauffeur for your potential clients, you make every client feel like a VIP client. In doing so, you demonstrate how much your clients mean to you and the lengths you’ll go to guarantee their satisfaction. Ultimately, you set a precedent for what clients can expect from you in the future.

How do we guarantee a taste of luxury with every ride? All of our drivers are fully trained and we have a 99.6% incident free rate–which is 400% better than our competition. Plus, our drivers are well dressed, wearing a clean black suit and looking well-groomed.

We also keep our fleet updated. From our sedans to our limousines, you will not find a single car over two years old. That means that we can provide our passengers with the latest safety technology, in-car entertainment systems, and charging stations for their phones and other devices.

After getting off a long flight or train ride, nothing feels better than climbing into a private car to find a courteous driver and the amenities necessary for a refreshing, relaxing ride.

Get the Specific Chauffeur Services You Need

Believe it or not, you don’t have to move your budget around to afford our chauffeur services for your business clients. Because our service packages are bespoke, you don’t have to pay for any services that you don’t need. We work hard to guarantee that our chauffeur services are customizable to meet every need, from corporate services to charter services to personal services.

We will never try to upsell you on cars or services that you don’t need or ask you to sign any contracts before you have a full picture of our pricing methods. What matters most to us is that you receive above-and-beyond service no matter your budget. In other words, you can add some flair and professionalism to your client meetings without breaking the bank.

Let Us Help You Impress Future Business Clients

No matter your industry, we all understand the importance of building your list of business clients. Looking around at your typical business advice, you’ll find plenty of tips on where to look. Now, we’re offering our best tips on how to turn your proposals into contracts and secure new business clients every single time.

To learn more about how we can help you create that “wow” factor you need to land new clients, contact us today and request a free quote. We won’t ask you to sign a single contract until we’ve demonstrated that we can meet all of your business needs.