It’s no secret that airlines are struggling to keep up with demand as travel recovers from the pandemic. For example, viable flights are being constantly delayed and even cancelled. And in light of these recent events, many people are choosing to rent a charter bus for their travels instead.

Charter buses are more affordable, comfortable, and secure when compared to other modes of transportation. So if you’re wondering how to rent a charter bus, then keep reading!

rent a charter bus

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Charter Bus?

There are a lot of factors that determine a charter bus hire cost. For example, the distance and the size of the bus will greatly affect the price. You can also opt for “executive” charter buses that come with better seats, more legroom, and a more luxurious look.

Here are some pricing examples that you can refer to when renting a charter bus. For starters, a one-day trip from Los Angeles to San Diego could cost anywhere from $1,060 to $1,350. These prices vary by passenger size and choice of a charter bus.

For a three-day trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco, booked for Friday-Sunday the prices change drastically. For starters, a 24 passenger ride with a coach bus will be around $2,700. While a 50 plus charter bus can cost around $3,500.

A two-day trip from New York City to Philadelphia booked in the summer can be around $1,900 for a 28 passenger van. While a 56 passenger charter bus will be around $2,500.

Lastly, be aware that these prices can go up depending on the seasons, and time of the booking! Keep reading to learn more about the different factors that can contribute to these prices.

What Season Are You Traveling In?

The season in which you plan on traveling is very important. For example, winters in New York, Chicago, and Florida are very popular.

So if you’re thinking of renting a charter bus around this time for these destinations, the prices might be higher. And in the summer, the northeastern region such as Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine are very busy.

Not to mention, the summer and winter have the most holiday weekends. Therefore, in the winter Christmas and New Years’ excursions will be more costly.

The same goes for summer excursions because weddings, 4th of July events, and family reunions usually take place around this time. Lastly, weekends tend to be more costly than weekdays. So if you want to save some money, travel from Monday to Thursday!

Longevity of Your Trip

For those who wonder “is it expensive to rent a charter bus”, the most important cost factor will be the longevity of your trip. For starters, charter companies will charge you based on the total miles or the number of days or hours you’ll need the bus.

And if you’re wondering if you can rent a bus for just a night, the answer is yes! In fact, most charter companies will charge you per hour for these shorter trips. However, for any trips exceeding 24 hours, the company will probably charge you per mile.

Do You Have Any Special Needs Passengers That Require Accommodations?

Most charter buses are fully equipped with phone connectors, Wifi, and DVD players. However, if you need a full restroom or larger walking areas, this will be an added cost.

Or if you need extra space to hold baby carriers for wheelchairs, the charter bus will be more expensive. There are also some charter buses that come with dance floors, bars, and sounds systems. So if you’re planning a bachelorette or bachelor party, consider getting this package.

Total Number of Passengers 

It’s important to get a headcount of all the passengers before you rent a charter bus. This way, the company can properly accomodate you and give you a final price.

For 11 passengers or less, a regular van is highly recommended. This is the smallest size charter bus there is. For 14 or fewer passengers, a sprinter van will be accommodating to your needs.

However, you also have the option to add in some extra amenities like LED lighting and wood floors by opting out for an “executive” sprinter. And for 26 passengers or less, a luxury coach can surely get you to your destination comfortably.

Lastly, for large parties of around 56, a charter bus is highly recommended. These buses are equipped with restrooms, wood floors, outlets, wifi, and much more!

Are You Planning a One Way or Roundtrip? 

For one-way trips will be more costly because of the deadhead fee. This fee is applied when the charter bus needs to be moved without any passengers.

Bigger buses use up a lot of fuel. Therefore, charter companies try their best to not use big charter buses if there are any passengers.

Therefore, they will charge you a deadhead fee for having to move the bus to a separate location. That’s why it’s better to do a roundtrip because the charter bus will leave and come back to the same location.

However, depending on your end location, there may not be a drop-off point. And so you might be wondering, can you rent a bus, even if there aren’t any drop-off locations in the area? The answer is yes and here’s why!

For starters, some towns have narrow roads or bad terrain which makes it hard to operate charter buses. However, if there isn’t a charter company at your final destination, all you need to do is drive over to the next town. Unfortunately, a deadhead fee will most likely be applied.

Rent a Charter Bus Today

Summer is here and the open roads are waiting for you! So don’t waste any more time and rent a charter bus today. Remember to get a headcount, pick the right dates, and then decide on a charter bus.

If you’re ready to book, request a quote for a charter bus hire cost.