Are you looking for ways to treat your top clients or employees to a Detroit airport car service? Do you want to exude an executive or luxurious status with your brand? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about why your business needs corporate car services.

These services are a tremendous benefit to your company. They can reduce the stress of traveling, bolster your customer service reputation, and make your brand more prestigious than ever before.

See below for an in-depth guide on what you should expect when you invest in corporate car services and why it’s worth every penny.

Corporate Car Services

1. Timely and Efficient Service

Imagine this scenario: you have a big meeting with a potential client today, who is flying into town to meet with you. Are you going to let them use a rideshare app to find their ride from the airport? You shouldn’t!

Even if the actual ride goes perfectly with Uber or Lyft, your VIP is still forced to wait for a stranger to pick them up and get them to their destination. If the rideshare doesn’t go smoothly, it can leave them frustrated before your meeting even begins. That doesn’t bode well for your presentation!

Meanwhile, if you organize for corporate car services to pick them up, they’ll have a luxurious ride awaiting them as soon as they ride down the escalator. The service will take their bags, and transport them to whatever destination you’ve planned for them, whether that be a local lunch spot, your commercial building, or their hotel.

While it might seem like a minute detail, corporate car services can make the world of difference with timing. Our chauffeurs are professionally trained and know Detroit like the back of their hands. They’ll take the quickest way to ensure your guest arrives as quickly and as happily as possible.

2. Adds Luxurious Element to Your Brand

Any business can claim that they’re luxurious or can keep up with the lifestyle of an executive, but what are they doing to prove that? It wouldn’t feel very luxurious if the company forced you to book your ride to/from the airport or sit in the back of the plane to cut costs.

But think of how your brand would look if you had a certified chauffeur picking up your top clients or employees and taking them to their destination. Perception is reality, and you want to make sure to impress them.

Having a luxurious element to your company’s brand can benefit you in several ways. It makes your company seem more desirable to work with, clients will be more inclined to spend more money with you, and you’ll quickly climb the ranks in your customer’s eyes.

More importantly, it’s the right way to do business. Hiring a corporate car service can ensure that you, your clients, or your employees have a pleasant experience. Your clients spend a lot of money for your services, your employees work hard to keep propelling your company forward; reward them for their allegiance.

3. Better Corporate Travel

If you’ve ever flown for work before, then you know that corporate travel is an entirely different beast. It requires you to use all your willpower and focus on the task at hand.

That can be quite a daunting task for your employees if they have to drive themselves to the airport, find parking, go through security will everyone else, and sit in the back of the plane with a crying baby. How do you expect them to keep their mind right?

You can ensure a successful trip for them (and whatever you need them to accomplish) by giving them a luxurious travel experience.

Book corporate car services for them to DTW ahead of time. Help them get squared away with the TSA precheck program before their flight. Get you and your employees involved in a frequent flyer program to give them rewards.

4. Quick Turnaround

Time is money. Whether your VIPs need to get to DTW or coming from DTW, you need to ensure as quick a trip as possible for them.

As we mentioned before, our chauffeurs are well-versed in the quickest ways to and from DTW in any direction. We pre-determine our routes but allow our chauffeurs the ability to adjust to things like rush hour traffic, highway accidents, road construction, etc.

This will help you guarantee that you, your staff, or your clients arrive at the destination in the shortest time window. No one likes to stay in a car longer than they need to!

5. Peace of Mind

Your VIPs have enough to think about when traveling, why add more to their plate? Corporate car services can be the perfect start or end to a long day of corporate travel.

It can also offer more peace of mind for yourself, even if you’re not the one traveling. After you hire corporate car services, you’ll know that they’re in good hands. Now you can focus on the task at hand.

Just as important, you’ll have full confidence that you’re getting a higher ROI. Your VIPs are being treated like they should, which will work wonders for your brand.

Invest in Corporate Car Services for Your VIPs Today

Now that you have seen what to expect when you hire corporate car services and why they are so important, be sure to invest in them for your clients/employees today.

While we’re on the subject, take the time to read this article for a list of common business travel mistakes you’ll want to avoid at all costs. To book our services, call or text us at 248-549-8800 and we will be happy to assist you further.