Are you in need of a classier way to pick up your VIPs that are flying into the airport? Do you want a better way to take yourself and your employees to high-end meetings around town? If so, then you need to learn more about Detroit airport limo services.

Doing so can help you make the right decision for your needs. You can decide whether you want to choose between a taxi service or an airport limousine. As you’ll soon see, the choice is essentially a no-brainer.

See below for an in-depth guide highlighting the differences between an airport limo service and a taxi service.

Airport Transportation

1. The Limo Has the Better Driver

Anyone that’s gotten a lift from the airport before will tell you that the experience hinges on the driver. If the driver isn’t very accommodating or practice safe driving habits, it can be a detriment to the entire process.

The chauffeur will make sure that the experience from the airport to the hotel/meeting is a smooth one. They’ll accommodate any requests and make sure that your VIPs arrive on time to their destination.

Taxi services, on the other hand, are only concerned about the result. Their mindset is more of a “we’ll get you there when we can”. In fact, some taxi services of lesser quality will purposely take high traffic roads to run up the bill.

A luxury Detroit airport limo service looks for ways to heighten the experience. They aim to make the trip as short and sweet as possible.

If you’re thinking “I don’t need a limousine to pick up one VIP”, the limo isn’t the only option. The airport limo service also offers high-quality airport luxury car services to accommodate a VIP party of any size.

Their drivers are specially trained and have an immense amount of experience in the chauffeur industry to ensure your VIPs have the best experience possible.

2. Limo Services Are More Convenient

Put yourself in the shoes of your VIP for a moment. Which would you rather have when getting off a plane: a car service awaiting your arrival or having to call your own taxi to take you to where you need to go?

The same goes for trips to the airport. It’s far more convenient to have a high-end luxury vehicle awaiting you rather than having to call a taxi service of lesser quality. If the taxi experiences any setbacks on the way, it can make you late for your flight.

Detroit airport limo services are focused on guaranteeing you arrive at your destination on time. Part of that is getting to you in time to ensure traffic causes as small of a setback as possible.

This can also provide more convenience on your end. For example, say you’re flying a client into town and they land at 12:30 pm. You can set a meeting for 1:00 pm, knowing that the airport limo services will get them there in plenty of time.

It gives you more control of the experience. Your VIPs will arrive at your place of business happy and ready to discuss business.

3. Limos Make a Tremendous First Impression

Perhaps you’re wanting to impress a potential client. Maybe you’re wanting a potential business partner to fly into town so that you can pitch them on your latest idea.

No matter what the occasion, nothing makes a better first impression for your company than a Detroit airport limo service. It makes a definitive statement for your brand from the moment that VIP steps off the plane.

You can make sure that your clients are well taken care of. The chauffeur will greet them with a smile and make sure their transportation from the airport is as smooth as can be.

The limousine will get them in the mood to conduct business. You can even take it a step further by being in the limo when it picks them up.

4.You Can Reserve Limos Ahead of Time

Yes, you can indeed reserve some taxi services ahead of time. However, you’re not able to pick which driver picks up your VIP or any other features of the pick-up process.

With a Detroit airport limo service, you have full control. You can arrange what time the limo arrives, request the chauffeur that picks them up, and any other accommodations to ensure a great experience.

This gives you more control over the situation. You’ll also have more peace of mind, knowing that your VIP is in the very capable hands of a certified and experienced chauffeur.

5. Limos Have a Customer-First Mindset

The second a limo driver sits down in the driver’s seat, they’ve got their mind focused on your VIP(s) that they’re going to pick up. Meanwhile, a taxi service is only thinking about how to get your customers/employees/partners out of their car faster.

Whether you request an airport limo or a luxury car to pick them up, that airport transportation service is dialed-in on your VIP. They will do everything in their power to ensure they have a good time.

You can have more confidence going into your meeting that your VIPs will arrive happily. That makes for a smoother transition from the car ride to a business meeting!

Hire a Detroit Airport Limo Service for Your VIPs Today!

Now that you have seen the major differences between a Detroit airport limo service and an airport taxi service, be sure to invest in the former for your VIPs.

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